In this first week of Summer, we are excited to let our blog readers be among the first to know about our launch of a new microsite – Employer Law Forecast, a new way to deliver insightful legal content to readers.

The Employer Law Forecast is an online tool that helps employers and human resource professionals plan for employment law issues that occur seasonally.  For example, as we kick off summer, we help you address common workforce issues during the summer months, including Managing the Heat for Employees, Hiring Interns, Workers’ Compensation and Summer Outings, Hiring Minors, Hiring Seasonal Workers, Managing Religious Holidays, Summer Holiday Pay Issues and How the FMLA Works During Holidays.

The site offers visitors a wealth of knowledge on employment law, combining relevant and educational information within entertaining and thought-provoking content. Sara Jodka, one of my colleagues and a frequent blogger, developed the Employer Law Forecast to supplement and complement the resources we provide here. The Forecast’s user-friendly seasonal format makes it easier you to find relevant information before it’s needed, and to serve as a helpful reminder of what employers can expect next.

“I realized that, like Groundhog’s Day, some employment-related issues seemed to pop up at the same time year after year,” said Sara Jodka, the editor of the Forecast. “By organizing these issues seasonally, employers do not have to wait for these blogs to publish every year. It allows them to be more proactive, to view all of their seasonal issues at once and even be able to calendar certain events.”

The Forecast was designed to provide easy access from mobile devices, optimizing the user experience depending on the type of device used to view the site. The Forecast functions like a smart phone app, but is still available on desktop computers, making it easy for readers to find the content they seek without downloading an app.

Please check the Forecast here.