The federal Department of Labor (DOL) has issued an updated poster for the “Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act” poster, which is a federally required poster. The updated poster adds information on the rights of nursing mothers (to lactation breaks) under the FLSA, misclassification issues related to independent contractors and tip credits. In an effort to move forward with technology, the new poster also includes a scannable QR code which take employees to the DOL website for information on compliance with the FLSA as well as instructions on how to file a complaint. The poster is available here. It is also available in different formats and in 10 different languages.

The DOL also has issued an updated Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) poster, which is also a federally required poster. It is identical in content to the prior version except for the QR code and removing a prior reference to the amount of the penalty for a violation. The poster is available here. It is also available in Spanish.

As a reminder, the DOL issued an updated FMLA poster in April 2016. If you have not already updated that poster, it is available here. There is also a Spanish language version.

If you utilize an “all-in-one” poster, printing these updated posters and posting them on top of the outdated sections within the all-in-one poster will satisfy the requirement. Each of these postings are required by federal law. The EPPA and FLSA posters apply to all employers. The FMLA poster applies only if the FMLA applies to the employer—triggered by having 50 or more employees—and should be posted even if no work location has 50 or more employees within 75 miles. Any small business with questions about which posters are applicable to its business can utilize a poster advisor tool on the DOL’s website, available here.