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Recent Terminations Highlight Need For Health Care Employers To Focus On Employee Education Regarding Social Media

We are starting to see an increase in the number of news articles reporting on health care facilities terminating employees for violating patient privacy on their facebook pages or other social media. 

Last December, one such incident made a fair number of headlines when a Mississippi hospital worker responded to a tweet from the Governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, regarding the state’s “dire fiscal situation” and soliciting ideas to trim expenses.  The employee responded with a tweet that said the Governor should “schedule regular medical exams like everyone else instead of paying UMC employees over time to do it when …

Court Upholds Jury Verdict in Pietrylo v. Hillstone Restaurant Group


In a case that has been widely followed by employment lawyers in the hope of gaining some clarity as to employees’ privacy rights on personal social media sites, the federal district court in New Jersey recently upheld the jury’s verdict finding Hillstone Restaurant Group liable for violations of the Stored Communications Act and New Jersey’s parallel electronic surveillance statute.

In Pietrylo v. Hillstone Restaurant Group, two employees created a MySpace page that they used to air their grievances against their employer in a password protected environment and invited other employees — but not managers — to join. At …