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Employer Law Report Listed as a Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blog by LexisNexis

We started Employer Law Report in January 2008 to keep our clients and friends up-to-date on recent developments and trends affecting their workplace. Since then, it has become an essential part of our labor and employment practice. Earlier this week, we learned that Employer Law Report has been chosen as one of the Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs of 2011 by voters in the greater LexisNexis community, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have received this vote of confidence from our readers.

We feel so honored to be in such good company. I already subscribe to virtually …

LexisNexis Nominates Employer Law Report for Top 25 Labor and Employment Blog – Please Vote!

LexisNexis has selected Employer Law Report as a nominee for its Top 25 Labor and Employment Law Blogs. To narrow down to its final list of 25 honorees, LexisNexis is seeking feedback and input from the online community. If you find Employer Law Report useful and informative, we would appreciate your "vote" of support – as well as for those other blogs that you enjoy. To view the article listing us as well as other nominees, click here. To vote, you need to be a registered Community member of LexisNexis (click here for free registration) and be logged …