In recent months, there has been a significant increase in Ohio of fraudulent unemployment compensation claims by way of identity theft. This occurs when someone applies for unemployment benefits using another individual’s personal information. Some employers have experienced multiple identity theft unemployment claims. In an effort to help individuals and employers who have been affected by the filing of fraudulent unemployment claims, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) launched an online portal for employers to report identity theft on behalf of multiple employees. Previously, the ODJFS online portal only permitted employers to report individual cases of identity theft.

The portal includes a template that employers may complete and upload to provide the information of multiple employees whose personal information may have been used to file fraudulent unemployment claims. According to the ODJFS press release, this portal “provides a secure way to expedite the reporting of [pertinent unemployment information] to the agency.”

If you are one of the unlucky employers that has been subject to multiple fraudulent unemployment claims, this portal is a great resource to help ensure no fraudulent claims can proceed on behalf of your company. As always, reach out to employment counsel if you are unsure about how to use the portal or if you have other questions pertaining to unemployment compensation.