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Sony Data Hack: “You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had”

Back in the 1960’s, legendary bluesman Muddy Waters wrote a song called “You Can’t Lose What You Ain’t Never Had.”

Now, it is Sony Pictures that is singing the blues, as damages continue to mount following the cyber attack on its data networks just before Thanksgiving. A shadowy group with possible connections to the North Korean government has claimed responsibility for the hack, which, to date, has resulted in exposure of Sony intellectual property (e.g., movie scripts), trade secrets (e.g., film budgets), employee personal information (e.g., employee and former employee home addresses and social …

State Tort and CFAA Claims Survive Motion to Dismiss In Ohio Employee Cyberhacking Case.

In a case that vividly demonstrates how employers are vulnerable to insider cyber attacks, a recent federal court decision out of the Southern District of Ohio addressed the scope of federal statutes designed to address such activity. In Freedom Banc Mortgage Services, Inc. v. O’Harra, the plaintiff’s complaint alleged that an employee began remotely downloading software programs on 27 of the employer’s computers and five servers. Through these programs, O’Harra, with the assistance of others, allegedly was able to access the employer’s employees’ email accounts, deleted hundreds of email from these accounts, uninstalled the employer’s security camera, deleted pictures …