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Sixth Circuit Rules for Employer in First Published Decision on “Associational” Disability Discrimination Claim

In a decision issued in July, the Sixth Circuit addressed the standard for a claim under the "associational" provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and affirmed summary judgment on plaintiff’s claim that his employment was terminated due to his wife’s disability.

The plaintiff was the highest ranking manager for Air Wisconsin at the Kalamazoo Airport. His wife suffered from various conditions, including a rare and debilitating auto immune disorder that required expensive treatment.

Plaintiff was terminated for poor performance based on failure to report security violations, supervise employees properly and stay within budget. In filing suit, he claimed that …

Disabled Former Employees Lack Standing to Sue under ADA

The Sixth Circuit weighed in on an issue that has split the federal courts and has joined the Seventh and Ninth Circuits in holding that disabled former employees lack standing to sue under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. McKnight v. Gen. Motors Corp., No. 07-1479 (6th Cir., Dec. 4, 2008). The Court found that three General Motors Corp. retirees lacked standing under the ADA to challenge the reduction of their pension benefits when they started receiving Social Security disability benefits. …