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Ohio HB 417 May Mean the End of Physician Non-Solicitation Agreements

There has always been a tension between a health care employer’s desire to protect its patient relationships and a physician’s obligation not to abandon patients when a physician either resigns or is terminated from employment. In Ohio, physician non-compete agreements are legal so long as they (1) are no broader than necessary to protect the employer’s business interests; (2) do not unreasonably restrain the physician’s ability to practice in the future; and (3) are not injurious to the public. As a result, many physician employment agreements contain post-employment non-competition and non-solicitation provisions. While reasonable non-competition provisions remain viable, recently enacted …

United States Supreme Court: A Challenge To The Enforceability Of A Non-Competition Agreement Must Be Presented To The Arbitrator, And Not A Court, If The Contract Contains An Arbitration Provision

In Nitro-Lift Technologies, L.L.C. v. Howard, the U.S. Supreme Court this week held that if a contract contains an arbitration provision and there is a challenge to the validity of the contract, it is for the arbitrator and not a court to hear that challenge. The case is important for employers because the challenge was to the validity of a non-competition agreement. More specifically, the Supreme Court held that if a contract contains an arbitration provision, it is up to an arbitrator, and not a court, to determine whether the non-competition provision of the contract runs afoul of a …