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Ohio federal court rejects perceived national origin discrimination claim

A special thanks to Adam Bennett for his assistance with this article.

An Ohio federal court in Longoria v. Autoneum N. Am., Inc. has held that a Mexican-American production supervisor who was born in Texas could not pursue a claim that he was discriminated against based on his belief that his employer perceived him to be of Mexican national origin. Noting the “widespread failure” of similar claims under Title VII and the fact that Ohio courts generally follow Title VII when evaluating the analogous Ohio law, the court held that claims of perceived national origin discrimination are not cognizable under …

Ohio Supreme Court Decision Allows Employers to Refuse Maternity Leave to and Terminate Employees who Have Not Met the Length of Service Requirements of the Employer’s Leave Policy

As an update to my previous post on this case, the Ohio Supreme Court last week released an opinion in Ohio Civ. Rights Comm’n v. Nursing Care Mgmt. of Am., Inc., reversing the decision of the Ohio Fifth District Court of Appeals, which previously held that an employer unlawfully discriminated by terminating an employee requiring pregnancy-related leave who did not meet the length of service requirement of the employer’s general leave policy. The Court held that pregnant employees must only be treated the same as all other employees under an employer’s leave policy and can be terminated while on a …