On December 27, we wrote a blog post regarding the NLRB proposed rule-making to require all employers to post notices advising employees of their rights to engage in union organizing. After a period of public comment, during which about 7,000 responses were submitted to the NLRB, the NLRB has now issued its final rule requiring the posting.

Effective November 14, 2011, all private sector companies covered by the National Labor Relations Act are required to post in the workplace a specific notice advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act to engage in union organizing, to bargain through a union with their employers, and to refrain from those activities. The notice also gives examples of employer and union conduct which is considered illegal and tells employees of actions they can file with the NLRB to enforce their rights. Here is a link to the NLRB announcement, which includes a copy of the required posting (as an Appendix.)  The NLRB promises that by November 1st, the posting will be available for downloading from the NLRB web site and that hard copies will be available from NLRB Regional Offices. All employers will be required to post the notices in conspicuous areas of the workplace where other employment notices are posted. Also, employers that routinely post notices regarding personnel rules or policies on an Internet or intra-net site will be required to post the new NLRB notice on those sites. However, employers are not required to distribute the notice to employees by email or other technological means. In workplaces where at least 20% of the workforce are not proficient in the English language, translated copies must be posted. The NLRB has indicated they will make copies available in various languages.

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