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Court ruling puts administration’s immigration policy on hold

On Friday, May 3, a Federal District Judge in North Carolina enjoined the Trump Administration’s effort to change the immigration policy on “unlawful presence” as it is applied to foreign students, in Guilford College et al. v. McAleenan, et. a.l. The concept of unlawful presence was first introduced into the immigration laws in 1996 to impose a penalty on those who remain in the U.S. after their authorized period of stay expires. This penalty, a bar, known as the “3/10-year bar,” is imposed from the day the foreign national departs the U.S., preventing their return for either 3 or 10 …

USCIS Change in Mailing Procedures Has Substantive Impact upon Employers and Foreign National Employees

On September 12, 2011, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services changed their long standing practice for the distribution of original approval notices for petitions and applications seeking immigration benefits, including the change or extension of nonimmigrant stay. Notices have previously been sent to counsel of record, but now are sent directly to the petitioner or applicant. Employers and individuals have immediately noted several unattended consequences of this change in long-standing policy.

Many approval notices include a revised or extended Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Record. This original document advises foreign nationals of their current nonimmigrant status and the date on which …

I-9 Interim Rule From 2008 Now Final

We previously reported on an interim I-9 rule from December 2008 (see U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces Revised I-9 Form).  Citizenship and Immigration Services now has finalized the interim rule. The final rule is effective May 16, 2011. As a practical matter, the final rule continues the provisions we discussed in this previous blog from two years ago. Employers therefore simply should continue to follow these provisions as they have for the past two years.

New H-1B Pre-Filing Registration On the Horizon

The Proposed Regulation

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) announced a proposed rule that would require employers of H-1B workers to complete a pre-filing registration before submitting petitions for individuals subject to the annual H-1B cap. The earliest it would go into effect would be January 2012. Once effective, employers will complete an online registration for each prospective, cap-subject H-1B employee. CIS then will provide a confirmation instructing that the employer may file a petition on behalf of the specific person. Employers still may file petitions for more than one person, but a separate pre-registration will be required for each …