A good illustration of why managers should regularly review their employees’ timesheets comes courtesy of The Day.com.

Lisa Bloomer worked for the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. A few years ago, Ms. Bloomer’s former boss invited her to a casino. That first trip was all that it took: Ms. Bloomer became addicted to gambling. 

Fortunately for Ms. Bloomer, she made $210,000 over the course of the next three years working for the state – an income that easily fueled her addiction. The only problem was that she reported many working hours that were actually hours spent at the casino, rather than at her job. In short, the State of Connecticut was paying Ms. Bloomer almost $70,000  per year to play the slots. 


Upon discovery, Ms. Bloomer resigned her position and her supervisor was fired for failing to catch the problem. Although this is an extreme example, it is a perfect illustration of why it’s crucial for employers – especially in difficult economic times – to review timesheets and other records with a critical eye.