After a two-month delay for the Obama Administration to review the new form and related policies, today (April 3, 2009) marks the introduction of the yet another version of the I-9 form. Employers are required to use the new form to verify the employment eligibility of all newly hired individuals on or after today’s date  – April 3, 2009. 

There are two changes from the previous editions of the form. First, the last page of the form, which identifies acceptable documents, has some modified language and adds additional documents that can be accepted to verify employment eligibility in both List A (documents that establish both identity and employment eligibility) and List C (documents that establish employment eligibility). Employers may now accept a passport from the Federated States of Micronesia or the Republic of the Marshall Islands with an I-94A admission document as proof of both identity and employment authorization. This modification is based upon a recent compact between these two territories and the United States. The second modification requires the new employee to identify their status as a citizen, permanent resident, national of the United States, or an alien temporarily authorized to work. Prior versions of the form included citizen or national with the same check mark, but the new form differentiates between the two classifications. Neither of these changes will impact many individuals, but the new form is nevertheless required for all newly hired employees beginning on April 3, 2009. 


The new form is available at this link on the USCIS web site.


A new version of the employer’s I-9 Handbook is also available on the USCIS web site.