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Employers, Protect Yourself From Class or Collective Actions: New and Developing Case Law is Giving Employers a Number of Proactive Defensive Measures

All too often it seems employers are entirely unaware of the steps they can take to proactively protect themselves from employment litigation. Instead, employers and their attorneys do not address potential issues until litigation has actually been threatened or filed, by which time preventative measures have likely become a moot point. Yet, the law is providing more and more innovative opportunities to strategically protect an employer in ways much cheaper than actual litigation. This protection can reduce an employer’s potential monetary exposure for labor and employment matters by either minimizing litigation or by placing an employer in a position of …

United States Supreme Court: A Challenge To The Enforceability Of A Non-Competition Agreement Must Be Presented To The Arbitrator, And Not A Court, If The Contract Contains An Arbitration Provision

In Nitro-Lift Technologies, L.L.C. v. Howard, the U.S. Supreme Court this week held that if a contract contains an arbitration provision and there is a challenge to the validity of the contract, it is for the arbitrator and not a court to hear that challenge. The case is important for employers because the challenge was to the validity of a non-competition agreement. More specifically, the Supreme Court held that if a contract contains an arbitration provision, it is up to an arbitrator, and not a court, to determine whether the non-competition provision of the contract runs afoul of a …

California Stands Firm in Rejecting Non-Compete

With the economy down, many well-known employers in virtually every industry across the country have increased their efforts to protect their customer relationships, market share, and confidential business information by bringing no-compete and/or trade secret misappropriation litigation against former employees and competitors. These lawsuits have included:

  • Bear Stearns suing a former executive director who joined a competitor in Massachusetts;
  • Motorola suing a former executive in Illinois who joined Apple;
  • Clear Channel suing a former vice president who joined The Tribune Co. in Illinois;
  • Wachovia suing Banc of America and three former Wachovia employees in Virginia;
  • Countrywide suing an ex-manager in