The Columbus Dispatch reported this afternoon that the Strickland administration is sending letters to about 500 business leaders in a final attempt to reach a compromise that would keep the Ohio Healthy Families Act off the Nov. 4 ballot.

In the letter, Gov. Ted Strickland and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher urge the business community to engage in compromise discussions with the proponents of this Act and the legislature. As the letter states, if compromise language can be reached, the compromise bill would need to be crafted, passed by the legislature, and signed into law by September 5 – the last day to get the issue off of the November 4 ballot.

According to The Dispatch, enclosed with the letter are two documents: “Why a Compromise and Why Now?,” which provides further information to business leaders promoting a compromise solution that would remove this issue from the ballot this November, and “Principles of a Paid Sick Leave Act,” which outlines the administration’s position on this controversial topic.