Those of you have been reading Employer Law Report over the past six months may have noted an addition to our home page recently in the lower portion of the left column. There, you will find my most recent tweets on Twitter from @BrianDHallEsq. Sounds a bit pretentious, I know, but every usable combination of Brian D and Hall were already taken.

Twitter allows us to inform you about a lot of issues that we simply can’t fit into this blog. It also allows us to get information out to you faster than we can on the blog. While the key to tweeting is brevity — we can’t use more than 140 characters in any tweet –we are able to link to an incredible array news, legal and government sources. In addition, Twitter is filled with knowledgeable human resources professionals and, yes, other labor and employment lawyers who we can "retweet" when they address topics we think you will find interesting.

So, what will you find on my Twitter feed if you follow me? Everything you see here on Employer Law Report, and more. In addition to the labor and employment legal news, I will also be tweeting about legal developments relating to our privacy as well as interesting news and events going on in Columbus and Ohio. I promise, however, I won’t waste your time telling you what I had for lunch.